C3 Spaces for Kids

Arturo's Nest  (0-4 year olds)

A relaxed learning place for children ages 4 and under and their adult companions, Arturo's Nest is a "please touch" space where young children can crawl, climb, and use their natural curiosity and playfulness to have early experiences with art. This month in Arturo's Nest, you will find toys, games, puzzles, and books that allow you to explore Nature. Stop by and try some of these activities:

  • Play with tree blocks and toy frogs.
  • Read a book about flowers, bugs, or animals.
  • Explore nature objects with magnifying glasses.
  • Imagine working as a scientist with a lab coat and science tools.
  • Look at images of nature in works of art.


Young Learners Gallery (5-8 year olds)


A dynamic environment for children ages 5–8 years old, the Young Learners Gallery offers opportunities for children and their families to explore art through the Sensory Alphabet. Explore Color through hands-on activities, inspirational artworks, and books. Stop by and try some of these activities:

  • Be inspired by the installation Windmills by Adrian Esparza.
  • Use the giant pegboard wall to make a colorful creation.
  • Challenge yourself to solve colorful puzzles.
  • Explore what kinds of scents match up with colors of the rainbow.
  • Curl up and read books that explore different themes on color.

For information about programs for young children, click here.