C3 Program Spaces

C3 Studio I & II

C3 Studio I & II are places where your creativity can get messy. A variety of hands-on art-making programs for children, teens, and adults are held in these spaces.

C3 Theater

C3 Theater is a comfortable space where we host storytellers, performances, and lectures during special events such as First Tuesdays and Late Nights. At times, this space is used to display video installations from the Museum's collection.  

Upcoming Classes & Activities

Format: 10/26/21

Make & Take: Pour, Push, Play: Experiments in Painting

Friday, November 5, 5:30–8:15 p.m.

Experiment with innovative painting techniques highlighted in our exhibition Slip Zone: A New Look at Postwar Abstraction in the Americas and East Asia. Taking after artists who pushed the boundaries of abstract painting in the mid-20th century, you will utilize paint in unusual and interesting ways. 


Make & Take: Frosted Glass Etching

Friday, December 17, 5:30–8:15 p.m.

Learn how to create elegant etched glassware inspired by our decorative arts collection. This multistep process will leave you with beautiful results that you will want to share with everyone.