C3 Program Spaces

C3 Studio I & II

C3 Studio I & II are places where your creativity can get messy. A variety of hands-on art-making programs for children, teens, and adults are held in these spaces.

C3 Theater

C3 Theater is a comfortable space where we host storytellers, performances, and lectures during special events such as First Tuesdays and Late Nights. At times, this space is used to display video installations from the Museum's collection.  

Upcoming Classes & Activities

Format: 1/23/22

Make & Take: Pointillist Sky Mosaic

Friday, January 28, 5:30–8:15 p.m.

Take inspiration from the mid-19th-century technique called Pointillism and explore the possibilities of color while you re-create Paul Signac's Mont Saint-Michel, The Setting Sun. Using a variety of colorful gemstones to capture your favorite season or time of day, you will transform this painting into a glistening mosaic. 


Make & Take: Woodcut Collages

Friday, February 18, 5:30–8:15 p.m.

Collage your own prints using colored inks and woodcuts that are inspired by work currently on display in Octavio Medellín: Spirit and Form. Led by local printmaker Benjamin Munoz, you will choose from a variety of imagery and colors to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.