C3 Community Projects

The Center for Creative Connections (C3) promotes conversation and community by collaborating with artists and institutions to develop and produce art installations and experiences for and about the community. The result of the collaboration is a mutual understanding of each other's creative process—everyone learns something new. 

Moving Reflections
February–May 2020

Moving Reflections is a collaborative sound and performance art installation by C3 Visiting Artists Shoshana McIntosh and Marie-Claire Valdez that investigates embodied memories of journeys. Every journey we take, whether long or short, difficult or joyous, involves our bodies. Movement is experienced through our senses, and our physical memories outlast our mental recollections. Visitors are invited to recall and share their personal memories of journeys, migrations, and immigration through writing, audio recordings, and movement. By reimagining these experiences through the senses, visitors contribute to an embodied form of art making as well as to personal and collective reflection. Drawing inspiration and material from visitors' written, oral, and performed memories, sound artist Marie-Claire Valdez and movement artist Shoshana McIntosh will create emergent, collaborative new media/performance works that will become part of this installation. 


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