C3 Community Projects

The Center for Creative Connections (C3) promotes conversation and community by collaborating with artists and institutions to develop and produce art installations and experiences for and about the community. The result of the collaboration is a mutual understanding of each other's creative process—everyone learns something new. 

Current Community Project

El Camino
October 2020–May 2021

Immigrants' stories can get overshadowed by stereotypes and misinformation. El Camino, a group project by students whose families relocated from Mexico, asks viewers to move past surface impressions. Through multilayered sculptures and personal narratives, the project calls attention to the sacrifices and risks that accompany immigration. Many newcomers to the United States endure discrimination and false accusations while working jobs with low wages and high physical strain. Immigrants' vital contributions enrich our communities and make contemporary daily life possible.

Moises Garcia, Lizbeth Flores, Gissell Champa, and Valerie Zamarripa, the student artists behind El Camino, participate in The Stewpot, a local enrichment program. Established in 1975 by First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, The Stewpot offers a range of services to individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Their Children, Youth, and Family Program provides year-round support for students in 1st–12th grades and young adults pursuing higher education.


Past Community Projects: