C3 Community Projects

The Center for Creative Connections (C3) promotes conversation and community by collaborating with artists and institutions to develop and produce art installations and experiences for and about the community. The result of the collaboration is a mutual understanding of each other's creative process—everyone learns something new. 

Current Community Project

What Happens Next 
MayOctober 2021

“you broke the ocean in half to be here. only to meet nothing that wants you.” Nayyirah Waheed 

Displacement is a malaise that has affected people for centuries. To be torn from home, a place of solace and familiarity is, and has always been, a terrifying reality for too many. 

What might that feel like? 

What Happens Next invites you to experience a displaced person’s slice of life. Think of a date that holds significance for you—a birth, a death, a graduation, or today. Look for that date on these panels. Read the associated quote. Repeat.  

What Happens Next shares stories of displacement, pieced together from an array of sources, translated into a variety of languages, and arranged across a single year. This is the debut project by a collaborative of artists (Nida Bangash, Maliha Hassan, and Kinza Zaheer) using the same moniker. The group’s aim is to collect stories authored by individuals from marginalized communities and present them to a wide audience. As a group, What Happens Next seeks to shift paradigms, cultivate empathy and gratitude, and challenge the status quo.

View a PDF of the wide variety of sources used to assemble this project: What Happens Next Sources.pdf

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