Past Artists

Mitch Rogers

October 2009

Mitch Rogers is a nationally recognized visual effects artist who builds all kinds of specialized props and life-like dummies for film and TV. He is an expert on creating complex silicone and urethane molds for sculpture.

Murry Gans

March 2014

Murry Gans is an electron microscopist at Eastfield College in Mesquite, TX.  He is continually fascinated by the beauty and intricate complexity of life he finds at the nanoscale. When not in the lab Murry spends as much time as possible throwing pots in his tiny home studio.

Natalie Macellaio

March 2013, March 2011, July 2010

Natalie Macellaio combines the materials and techniques of a metalsmith with alternative materials such as resin, plastic, and guitar strings to push the boundaries of sculpture and installation. In her work, the influence of the natural world becomes layered and parallels the emotional experiences with barriers and relationships.    

Rene Muhl

December 2012, February 2012, January 2010

Artist Rene Muhl uses a variety of materials such as bronze, puzzle pieces, and fiber in her processes to create sculpture and installations that connect diverse communities of people through common interests.

Riley Holloway

July 2013, February 2013

A local artist and native of Arlington, Texas, Riley Holloway has been passionate about drawing since he was a child. He studied art at the Art Institute of Dallas and the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.


Romie Faienza

April 2010

Romie Faienza is a director, producer, photographer, and screenwriter who combines traditional and experimental film techniques to tell semi-fictional and semi-autobiographical stories of love and technology. Her work employs humor, narrative, and bold visuals to explore contemporary existential debates.

Sara Cardona

June 2010

Artist Sara Cardona creates mixed media work that is influenced by her relationship with theater and film. Through ink drawings and collages, she records the experiences of her life. She draws on maps, file folders, and spare paper and uses everyday materials such as ink, ballpoint, correction fluid, markers, and thread.