Past Artists

Lizzy Wetzel

December 2009

Lizzy Wetzel is a visual, performance, and installation artist who uses contrasting materials such natural, craft, and found objects in her work. Her inventive sculptural compositions reference magic, healing, humor, and play and often lead to a performance. 

Margaret Meehan

April 2013, July 2011

Margaret Meehan's drawings and sculpture-based installations are derived from 19th-century medicine and photography. She lets the innocent collide with the monstrous, evoking race, gender, and an empathy for otherness when embodied in difference.



Marilyn Waligore

March 2012

Marilyn Waligore is Professor of Aesthetic Studies/Photography at the University of Texas at Dallas. Using digital technology, she embraces process and materiality to underscore the physical nature of things that exist in a transitory state, in order to elevate, if not to render, beauty. 


Marina Shterenberg

August 2013

Marina Shterenberg the founder and director of Star Mountain Art, has taught at the San Francisco Art Institute, and is currently an art faculty member at Brookhaven College School of the Arts. Her work has been exhibited in San Francisco and New York, including at the Berkeley Art Center, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, Pierogi 2000, and Artists Space.


Marla Ziegler

August 2013

Marla Ziegler teaches in the School of Fine Arts at Brookhaven College. She is a sculptor who creates in clay, stretching the identity of this medium as a contemporary three-dimensional material. Groupings of animated forms with rich surface contrasts are foremost in her work.


Martin Delabano

Martin Delabano is a Dallas-based artist, art teacher, and active community member. Delabano received his MA from the University of New Mexico and a BA from East Texas State University. In 2010, he received the Distinguished Texas Artist award.

Mary Jordan

July 2013, May 2013, October 2012, June 2012, March 2011, August 2011

Mary Jordan is a board certified medical illustrator specializing in traditional drawing and 2D digital painting techniques, past McDermott intern at the Dallas Museum of Art and currently works at the Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.


Midori Kitagawa

May 2013

Dr. Midori Kitagawa is an artist and the author of  Mocap for Artists: Workflow and Techniques for Motion Capture, published by Focal Press in 2008. Dr. Kitagawa's research interests include 3D computer animation, 2D animation, motion capture, interactive multimedia teaching, virtual reality, 3D modeling, visualization, and studio arts.