Past Artists

Hillary Holsonback

April 2016

Hillary Holsonback is a Dallas-based performance artist dealing in projection and self-portraiture. Having received her BA in Art and Performance and MFA in Art and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas, she continues to explore facets of fashion, film, and advertising in her own photographic work.


March 2013

Founded in 2011, HOMECOMING! Committee is an assembly of artists and creatives who seek to develop collaborative projects in conjunction with their own individual artistic production. HOMECOMING! projects, through shared involvement, transform the ephemeral into tangible experiences. They believe this transformation and interaction to be paramount, and is the true nucleus of artmaking.

James Sullivan

February 2011, November 2010

James Sullivan is a Dallas-based sculptor and Professor of Sculpture in the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU. He earned an MFA degree in sculpture at California State University, Long Beach, and a BA in philosophy at Yale University. He has exhibited widely throughout the United States and Germany.

James Thurman

November 2013
James Thurman is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas’ College of Visual Arts & Design, where he coordinates the 3D Core program as well as teaches in the Metals & Jewelry area. He received his MFA in Metalsmithing from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and his BFA in Sculpture from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jill Downen

February 2012 

Jill Downen's art is a focused investigation of the symbiotic relationship between the human body and architecture expressed in temporal installations, drawings, and models. Her art envisions a place of interdependent relation between the human body and architecture, where the exchanging forces and tensions of construction, deterioration, and restoration emerge as thematic possibilities.



Jill Foley

September 2010, November 2009:

Jill's work charts the distance between the real and imagined, using recycled cardboard to create large-scale imaginary-type spaces for her drawings, paintings, found objects, and puppet-like figural sculptures. She then hosts participatory happenings and performances in her space.      

John Bramblitt

October, 2013, October 2012, October 2010, October 2009

It was not until he lost his sight in 2001 that he began to paint. Bramblitt’s paintings are intensely personal and are mostly taken from real people and events in his life. His workshops are unique in the art world, spanning the gap between beginning and professional artists and also including adaptive techniques for people with disabilities.


John Grandits

March 2010

Award-winning book and magazine designer John Grandits has been fascinated by type and printing all his life. He is the author of two books of concrete poetry: Technically, It’s Not My Fault and Blue Lipstick. His protagonist’s hilarious views of the world are expressed through a series of concrete poems in which words, ideas, type, and art combine to make pictures and patterns.