Submit Your Photos

You are invited to contribute photographs to the Center for Creative Connections (C3). Upload your photos to our Flickr group (see guidelines below).

DMA Silhouettes and Shadows

January - March 2017

Silhouettes and shadows have a long history in art and appear in a variety of cultures from all over the world. As early as the 1st century C.E., there are references to wayang kulit, an elaborately staged performance art from Central and East Java using intricately carved flat puppets that cast detailed shadows. Since the late 18th century, Western artists used silhouettes in the creation of portraits and small scenes. 

Over the next few months, the Center for Creative Connections (C3) at the Dallas Museum of Art is highlighting silhouettes and shadows across our collection and in photographs and silent videos submitted by visitors to the Museum. To have your photos and videos displayed on the wall of monitors in C3 join our Flickr Group and upload your shadowy snapshots and videos.


Guidelines for submission:

  • In order to have your photos appear in a Flickr Group, you must first create your own personal Flickr account
  • Feel free to submit multiple photos.
  • The higher the resolution, the better to show off your photos.
  • It is our intention to include all images; however, the DMA staff reserves the right to omit submissions that are inappropriate in nature.
  • By submitting your photograph, you allow the DMA the right to display it on a monitor within the C3 and on the Museum’s website. Your name will not be attached to the image.
  • Special Note: In order to have your photos appear in a Flickr Group, you must first create your own personal Flickr account, and that personal account must have at least five images uploaded on it. Please check your account and allow others to download images, and if necessary, upload a few more images to ensure your photos are included in the C3 group.

Past Visitor Photo Submissions:

CAT-ITUDE - On view in C3 October–December 2016
REPETITION - On view in C3 JulySeptember 2016
BEAUTY REDEFINED - On view in C3 April–June 2016
PAINT IT BLACK - On view in C3 December 2015–February 2016
BACK TO NATURE - On view in C3 September–November 2015
SPLISH-SPLASH - On view in C3 June–August 2015
TEXTUAL AWARENESS - On view in C3  February–May 2015
IN BLOOM - On view in C3 October 2014–January 2015
CAPTURING CULTURE - On view in C3 July–September 2014
LIGHTEN UP - On view in C3 April–June 2014
FACE TIMEOn view in C3 October 2013–February 2014
SEEING RED? - On view in C3 January–September 2013
TEXAS SPACE - On view in C3 September 2010–February 2011
DESIGNED SPACE - On view in C3 March–September 2011
FILLED SPACE - On view in C3 October 2011–March 2012
PEACEFUL SPACE - On view in C3 April–October 2012
POSITIVE/NEGATIVE SPACE - On View in C3 November 2012–January 2013