South Dallas Cultural Center

Free Association
Malik Dillard, Media; Patrick Washington, Media; Michelle Gibson, Dance; Vicki Meek, Visual; Harold Steward, Theater; Ava Wilson, Poetry

May 2012-October 2012

Definition: to foster creativity you "write down, without any falsification or hypocrisy, everything that comes into your head."

Although usually thought of as a psychological term, Free Association is a process employed in therapy. For the artists, it brings to mind what this project examines i.e. painful memories that inspire a creative, freeing response. It also infers the notion of limitations on the mind that cannot be "freed" unless one looks within without fear. Free Association also shares some features with the idea of stream of consciousness, the process of putting oneself into a state of quiet, unreflecting self-observation, to report whatever internal observations come to mind.This installation was designed so you may experience some spatial limitations –whether they be physical as you navigate the space or emotional as you experience the image and words. The are providing the chance to “free associate” using the prompts taken from the African American experience in this country. Some are very painful and limiting, some uplifting and inspiring but all providing food for creative expression.