A. Kendra Greene - Writer-in-Residence

In July 2014, we invited A. Kendra Greene, our Writer-in-Residence, to assist with reviewing and repurposing the thousands of visitor responses from the Tree of "LIGHT" interactive. Through the process of organizing and alphabetizing, Greene noticed the poetic quality of the words. She explored this by composing poems from the leaves and presenting them at a public performance.  
Learn more about Greene's process and poetry here
Watch Kendra Greene's performance, The 4,000 Words for Light (Abridged)here.



In Starry Crown, artist John Biggers depicts three important women in his life and uses a string passed between them to symbolize the spoken word that passes traditions and knowledge through generations.  The Center for Creative Connections asked visitors to respond to this work of art by contributing a wisdom an important woman in their life shared with them. During the spring of 2015, Writer-in-Residence A. Kendra Greene assembled these visitor responses in small booklets called, Common Thread: Selections of women's wisdom, guidance, counsel, advice, experience, notions, revelations, hard truths, and plain facts.