Faculty & Alumni of the Meadows School of the Arts, SMU

Living Room
Susan Barnett, Michael Corris, Ira Greenberg, Tom Lauerman, Teresa Rafidi, James Sullivan, and Martin Sweidel

September 2010-February 2011

Living Room is the result of an intense collaborative process involving conversation, diverse perspectives, consideration of various models, and eventually the development of a coherent project taking on a life of its own. The space reacts to your presence through changes in its sensory aspects—its sound, its visual elements, and its bodily sense. Within a materially altered physical environment, a digital audio-visual system uses custom software to dynamically create an experience in sight and sound of 3D forms generated from mathematical expressions. The behavior of these forms is altered by the location and movement of persons in the room. This allows you to literally walk around the room integrating the physical and virtual space. Living Room invites you to confront space while space confronts you.



See photographs taken by Teresa Rafidi during the February 2011 Late Night event at the Dallas Museum of Art.