Experiments on Public Space

February–April 2015

What makes a museum public? What are its responsibilities? Is it possible for a museum to be built as a democratic space? Is it necessary? And if it’s true that we’re losing publicness, how do we reclaim it?

These are some of the questions artist Eliel Jones will explore with his project Experiments on Public Space. Using practice-based evaluation methods, Jones explores the idea of publicness in the museum with the goal of enhancing our understanding of democracy. The project materializes over a series of programs spanning performances and workshops, culminating with a panel discussion and display in the Center for Creative Connections. 

Each program hopes to create a sense of collective ownership by promoting dialectical learning experiences and providing opportunities for social, political, and/or personal reflection. The overall goal is that by doing so we might exemplify and animate what it means to be a public museum in the 21st century. 

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