Agence 5970

Acoustic Shadows: An Exploration of the Sense of Space
Frank & Kristin Lee Dufour

November 2011-May 2012

Acoustic Shadows is an audiovisual immersive and interactive installation based on a modern interpretation of the myth of Orpheus. The scene depicted in the projected images represents Orpheus, surrounded by shadows of the underworld and consumed by the physical manifestation or form of the particular shadow of Eurydice.

As you enter the theater environment, you are surrounded by a multi-sensory, reactive system composed of the physical space, three-dimensional sound, and projected images. The system actually “listens” for changes in the environment generated by your presence and movement. This results in noticeable changes to the sound and projected images. Your body reflects and absorbs sound waves to create the auditory manifestation or form of silent movement, which, in this context, is termed Acoustic Shadows.

Acoustic Shadows is not only an installation of the perceptual awareness of space but also a contemporary audiovisual reincarnation of this mythical tension between suspension and passage of time.