In My Image

In My Image
by C3 Visiting Artist Spencer Evans
May-August 2019

In My Image was a project by former C3 Visiting Artist Spencer Evans that explored notions of image and identity. Evans took inspiration from Jaques Lacan’s “Mirror Stage” theory in which the psychoanalyst suggests that prior to becoming aware of their own reflection, children’s identity is based on their environment. Once an individual recognizes themselves in a mirror, Lacan describes the ways socially conditioned ideas and characteristics become enmeshed in each person’s understanding of themselves. 

Evans invited visitors to rebut Lacan’s theory by detaching their reflected selves from the trappings of social expectations by drawing their self portraits using the installed mirror, and responding to prompts on the back. Over the course of the project, Spencer also hosted drop-in studio sessions with Museum visitors to initiative collaborative works by referencing conversations and reflections shared about each participant's unique identity.

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