Go van Gogh Topics

Go van Gogh® brings the Dallas Museum of Art to Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade classrooms free of charge. Trained volunteers come to your school and lead hour-long experiences that encourage students to engage with works of art, develop and express ideas and opinions, and make personal and academic connections. All programs include hands-on art-making activities that provide opportunities for individual creative expression. Below are our program topics for the 2019–2020 school year.

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Pre-Kindergarten Programs 

Pre-K programs are offered Monday–Friday from September 16, 2019, to May 22, 2020, and can see a maximum of four classrooms in a single morning. All Pre-K programs can be offered either in English or Bilingual Spanish.

My Five Senses
See, hear, smell, taste, and touch—our five senses tell us so much! In this program, students will explore works of art using scent jars and other touchable materials that are sure to give them a sensory workout.

Things That Go!
Climb aboard our exploration train as we learn about transportation within works of art. From cars and trains to rockets and planes, students will identify things that go through a group activity, a participatory storybook, and an imaginative art project.

Kindergarten–6th Grade Programs 

K–6 programs are offered Tuesday–Friday from September 17, 2019, to May 22, 2020. Our Spanish program (Estampas de la Memoria) can see a maximum of four classrooms in a single morning, while all others can see a maximum of eight classrooms.

Estampas de la Memoria (Spanish, Kindergarten6th Grade)
In Estampas de la Memoria, which is facilitated in Spanish, students will look at retablos and bring them to life through collaborative story-writing and theater activities, followed by a printmaking project designed by former C3 Visiting Artist Karla Garcia.

Guardians from Around the World (Kindergarten)
Explore artworks that tell the stories of guardians from around the world. Students will dramatize these stories, connect themes of bravery and courage to their own lives, and transform into guardians through a shield-making art activity.

Mirror, Mirror (1st & 2nd Grade) 
Join us for a portrait party featuring artworks of faces from different places. By exploring peoples' traditions, clothing, and companions, students will reflect on the things that make us who we are before creating their own self-portrait collage.

Story Weavers (3rd & 4th Grade)
In this program students will look at works from the Museum's collection that combine art and storytelling. Students will then draw their own story using yarn that can be assembled into a quilt that tells their classroom story.

A City of My Own (5th & 6th Grade)
Join us for a tour of various city scenes, including images of Dallas. We will discuss how people picture a place, and then students will create their own pop-up cityscapes with places that define their experience of the city.

Special Education Program

Our Special Education program is offered Tuesday–Friday in March, April, and May and receives booking priority in these months. This program can see a maximum of one classroom in a single morning.

Sense-sational Art! (K–6 Special Education Classrooms)
In this program students will participate in a multisensory exploration of artworks from the Museum's collection and then create their own original artworks that engage their senses!