Virtual Talk: Monuments And Memory: Deconstructing Power in Antiquity and the Contemporary

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Join the Walters Art Museum and the Dallas Museum of Art for two panels of scholars and artists who will deconstruct the power of monuments—both traditional and impermanent—using examples from contemporary art and both museums’ collections. 

Contemporary artists offer a unique perspective on how monuments play a role in current dialogue. Join multimedia artists Rayyane Tabet and lauren woods and muralist LaToya Peoples in conversation with Dr. Anna Katherine Brodbeck, Hoffman Family Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum of Art, as they explore the shifting role of permanent and impermanent public art, how monuments can be dismantled or re-framed by communities, and how they are recontextualized by shifts in global power.


Learn more about the scholar panel happening on Thursday, April 29

These lectures are generously funded each year by the Boshell Foundation and the Boshell Family Lecture Series on Archaeology. Thursday Nights at the Walters are supported by BGE.

Image: (left) Wall panel depicting Ix K'an Bolon ("Lady Yellow Nine") in Ritual Dress, Maya, 790 CE; (right) Relief with winged genius (Apkallu), Assyrian, 883–859 BCE