T-Shirt Design Contest (ages 13-19)

This event has already passed

Grand prize: The winning design will be reproduced as a limited run of T-shirts to be printed and sold in the DMA's Museum Store. A display card in the store will feature the winner’s name and a brief bio.

Designs can be created and submitted at any time until the cutoff date. Submissions do not need to be created at the DMA, but they must be inspired by a work of art (see guidelines below). All designs will be posted on the DMA Flickr page for the public to enjoy.

Design Guidelines

  • Your design must be inspired by a work of art on Level 4 of the DMA (American and Ancient American Art). Your design may include the words “Dallas Museum of Art” (although not mandatory).
  • Designs cannot contain an exact reproduction of the work of art, as it infringes on the original artist's copyright.
  • Final T-shirt color and placement of design will be determined by the DMA.
  • You may submit up to two separate designs.
  • Your design must be completely original. By submitting a design, you guarantee that it is completely original and does not contain any copyrighted material.

Design Specifications

  • Your design may contain a maximum of four (4) colors (plus the shirt color).
  • Design should not exceed 8 ½ x 11 inches.
  • Designs may be created using a professional design program. If you use Photoshop or other paint programs, then the design must be no less than 600 dpi at 8 ½ x 11 inches in dimension.
  • If design is hand-drawn or painted, it must be scanned and converted into a PDF or jpeg file.
  • Your submission should be a PDF or jpeg file no larger than 5MB. If you win, we will ask you for a high-resolution file.

Submission Agreement

  • All submissions must be sent as an attachment to jbigornia@DMA.org.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by the participant’s name, age, title of the work of art that inspired his or her design, and a contact number. This information can be provided in the body of the submission e-mail.
  • Submissions that are not inspired by a work of art in the DMA's collection and that do not include the title of the work of art are subject to disqualification.
  • You must be 13-19 years old to participate. Finalists may be asked to verify their age by submitting a copy of a valid student ID.
  • By submitting your design, you agree to have it shared on the DMA Flickr page.
  • The Dallas Museum of Art will have all rights to the winning design. By submitting, you agree that if your design wins, it will be sold by the Dallas Museum of Art's Museum Store on a T-shirt and other promotional items.
  • We reserve the right to make adjustments to the winning design.
  • DEADLINE EXTENDED! You must submit your design by midnight Thursday, January 1, 2015.
  • Entries will be judged by the staff of the Dallas Museum of Art.


E-mail any questions about the contest to jbigornia@DMA.org.