Exhibition Lecture: Light Filtered, Light Abstracted

This event has already passed Location: Horchow Auditorium


Light has always been an essential design factor in the long history of architecture in the Islamic world. Because of light’s complex metaphysical meaning, as well as for more mundane aesthetic, social and environmental reasons, many intricate architectural elements have been developed over the last 15 centuries to filter, refract, conceal and altogether mystify light. From cleverly situated clerestorys and skylights, to pierced domes, to muqarnas, to screened windows and mushrabiyyas, architects have deployed an impressive array of light architecture that still inspires today. Join Dr. Nasser Rabbat, the Aga Khan Professor and the director of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for a look at some of the most outstanding examples of light elements in Islamic architecture. 

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