Boshell Lecture: Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World

This event has already passed Location: Horchow Auditorium

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital." In Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World, author Thomas F. Madden presents a biography of a city that for two millennia has been a cultural meeting ground between Europe and Asia, a seat of power for multiple empires, and a sacred center for the world's major religions. Madden paints a vivid picture of Istanbul's ancient past, its centuries of conquest by foreign empires, and its enduring position as a cultural capital of the world. Madden is Professor of History and Director of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University. 

Presented by the Boshell Family Lecture Series on Archaeology

This talk is part of Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art and the Islamic Art Festival.

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