Arturo's Preschool Art Kit Themes

Arturo's Preschool is a free program for preschool, homeschool, and daycare groups serving children ages 3–6. Art kits are pre-made with all the materials your students need to create an art project in the classroom or at home. DMA staff will deliver these free art kits to schools within Dallas city limits. Below are the themes for the Arturo's Preschool Art Kits being offered this school year. Use this form to request art kits: Arturo's Preschool Art Kit Request Form.

Arturo's Preschool Art Kit Themes:

Pick a Pattern
Triangle, oval, circle, square—what patterns will your students share? Inspired by the richly decorated textiles in Bamana Mud Cloth: From Mali to the World, students will design and use their own patterned stamp. This kit includes foam shape stickers, a block, a piece of fabric, and an ink pad.

Circle Suncatchers
Inspired by Rooted, an exhibition that explores what we think of the world around us, students will create their own swirly suncatchers to interact with nature. This kit includes a plastic circle lid, white liquid glue, food coloring, yarn, and a toothpick. This project takes about three days to fully dry.