Arturo's Preschool Art Kit Themes

Arturo's Preschool is a free program for preschool, homeschool, and daycare groups serving children ages 3–6. In the 2021–2022 school year, preschool experiences will be offered in two formats: pre-recorded videos and art kits. Art kits are pre-made with all the materials your students need to create an art project in the classroom or at home. DMA staff will deliver these free art kits to schools within Dallas city limits. Below are the themes for the Arturo's Preschool Art Kits being offered this school year.

Arturo's Preschool Art Kit Themes:

Watercolor Windows
Just add water! This art kit is inspired by a pair of colorful stained-glass windows depicting a lively ocean scene. Students will receive watercolor paper, bleeding tissue paper, a black crayon, and a foam brush to create their own take on a stained-glass window. Students will need access to a small cup of water (not included) to complete this art project.

Textured Gold Medals
Relive the 2020 Olympics with this art kit! Inspired by gold treasures of the Greek and Roman civilizations, students will design a medal fit for a winner. This kit includes a cardboard circle, wax sticks, gold aluminum foil, and string. 

Painted Paper Patterns
Inspired by the shapes and colors in Moth to Cloth: Silk in Africa, this art kit will inspire your students to paint, print, and pattern! Students will receive construction paper, black paint, a glue stick, a printing utensil, and instructions on how to create their artwork.