Games & Interactives

READ: Did you know the floral graphics in Flores Mexicanas are hand-drawn? Use this sketching tutorial to engage your child with art. Read more on DFWChild
WATCH: See how to create the florals from Flores Mexicanas on Good Morning Texas.
MAKE: Use the tutorial on the DMA Uncrated blog to create your own floral set.
VISIT: Take a stroll through the virtual tour of Flores Mexicanas and challenge your child to find three to four different flowers in the paintings that they would like to draw in their own artful bouquet.
READ: Challenge your child to think like an architect and an artist to transform ordinary paper bags into an extraordinary miniature neighborhood, inspired by the For a Dreamer of Houses exhibition. Read more on DFWChild. 
WATCH: See how to make paper houses on Good Morning Texas.
MAKE: Download the complete instructions for making paper houses here.
VISIT: Explore how the places we live in are extensions of who we are, what we value, and what we hope for in the For a Dreamer of Houses virtual tour. The works in the show range from cheeky and fun (like a chandelier made out of clean underpants!) to heart-wrenching pieces that speak of loss and grief.
READ: Inspired by the dotted colors in European Pointillist landscapes from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, this painting project is one of those reliable, foolproof projects that everyone loves. Read more on DFWChild. 
WATCH: See how to make a Pointillism painting at home on Good Morning Texas.  
MAKE: Download instructions to make your masterpiece here. Need a little help getting started? Here’s the landscape sketch used in the instruction sheet!
VISIT: A few of our favorite Pointillist works in the collection include Mont Saint-Michel, Setting Sun and Comblat-le-Château, the Meadow (Le Pré) by Paul Signac and Apple Harvest by Camille Pissarro. You can find these paintings at the beginning of our virtual European Art Galleries tour
READ: Perfect for kids who like to tinker, experiment, and create, you can add the Arts to STEM at home with this project inspired by Gerald Murphy’s Watch. Read more on DFWChild.
WATCH: See how to make your own machine on Good Morning Texas.
MAKE: Are you ready to make a machine? Download project instructions here.
VISIT: Discover American art and more in the DMA’s online collection. Use your geometry skills to make sense of how Virginia Berresford used shapes and lines to spotlight the figures in Under the Big Top, or pull out your microphone and give a weather report for Florence E. McClung’s painting Squaw Creek Valley and The Sharecropper by Jerry Bywaters.
READ: Practice close looking with a calm down bottle inspired by Sandra Cinto’s Landscape of a Lifetime. Read more on DFWChild.
WATCH: See how to make your own colorful calm down bottle on Good Morning Texas.
MAKE: Get the glitter ready! Download instructions to create a calm down bottle here.
VISIT: For celestial color inspiration, visit Sandra Cinto’s Landscape of a Lifetime mural in this virtual tour for the adjacent My|gration exhibition. Cinto’s site-specific mural envelops the Museum's Concourse in 24 shades of blue and is decorated with intricate celestial pen drawings.
LISTEN: Art can be a great way to manage emotions, become self-aware, and show empathy for others. Hear Claire Moore discuss the intersection of art and social-emotional learning with Monica Hayslip, Director of Visual Arts at DISD. Listen here.
WATCH: See London-based experience and sound designer Yuri Suzuki, the artist of Sound of the Earth: The Pandemic Chapter, discuss the concept behind his virtual work and how it fosters connectivity. Watch here.
MAKE: Submit your own sound recording to share your perspective.
VISIT: Explore crowdsourced sounds from around the world that illustrate our experiences during the pandemic in this interactive digital artwork.
PLAY: Do you have what it takes to make an escape? Solve puzzles, play matching games, decode a message, and more in this exclusive DMA kids' virtual escape room. Click here to enter the room and begin the game by locating the LOCK icon.
VISIT: Go on a scavenger hunt through the Museum galleries and learn about the diverse experiences, expertise, and talents of artists from America, Africa, and the diaspora. Click here and search for the HOME icon to begin your tour.


Who’s Arturo? 

He’s the Dallas Museum of Art’s family mascot!

Arturo, a fun and friendly parrot, is based on a ceramic vessel from Peru that is 1,200 to 1,800 years old. The artist was probably inspired by the colorful macaws of South America. When you visit the Museum, look for Arturo to point the way to family activities and programs.

For more family fun at home with Arturo, see the virtual class schedule