Art Beyond Sight

The Dallas Museum of Art is an Art Beyond Sight Partner and participates in programming each October for Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month. Composed of leading institutions in thirty-five states and twenty-five countries, Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month is an outreach effort on all levels, operating simultaneously within and across institutions and communities. Coordinated by Art Education for the Blind, Inc., Art Beyond Sight is dedicated to art education for people with vision impairment and to building an inclusive society for promoting access to all.

The Dallas Museum of Art collaborates with artist John Bramblitt, who has been featured on the CBS Evening News leading a program at the DMA. Bramblitt shares his process as a blind painter with visitors and leads workshops that include adaptive techniques for people with disabilities.

Art Beyond Sight programming has also featured artist Stephen Lapthisophon, artist and educator, in a lecture with John Bramblitt for a discussion of their process and work that involves the senses beyond sight. Another artist who has participated in the DMA’s Art Beyond Sight programming is Denton jewelry designer Leslie Ligon. She is the owner of At First Sight Braille Jewelry, and she creates jewelry designs that promote Braille literacy within the blind and sighted communities.

For general questions regarding Art Beyond Sight programs, or to request a tour for visitors with vision impairment, email