Dallas Museum of Art Receives IMLS Grant

Dallas Museum of Art Receives $150,000 Grant From Institute of Museum and Library Services

Dallas, TX, October 1, 2004—The Dallas Museum of Art has received a grant of $150,000 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to strengthen and expand the Museum’s programming and resources offered to children ages 3 to 12 and their adult companions who visit the Museum. The grant will allow for increased public access and additional resources that can be maintained and used inside the Museum or through the Museum’s web site.

“This is invaluable support for one of the Dallas Museum of Art’s most important missions –– engaging children and their families with art in a powerful way that will impact and enrich their lives,” said Bonnie Pitman, Deputy Director of the Dallas Museum of Art. “This grant will allow the Museum to develop additional family-based learning programs and enhancing and expanding existing resources and programs such as Crossroads, Art Stops, Discovery Boxes, and the Family Audio Tour.”

The Dallas Museum of Art plans to create a new section of the web site, geared toward families, that will introduce works from the Museum’s collections and increase awareness of the many programs and activities offered for families, Pitman added.

The grant to the Dallas Museum of Art is part of $16.4 million that IMLS has distributed to museums and zoos this year, making it the largest federal funding program for museums.

“With their rich collections, museums enable visitors to physically connect with history, science, and the creative process,” said Dr. Robert S. Martin, Director of the Institute. “The Museum for America grants will help museums advance their role as trusted resources that serve communities by creating and sustaining a nation of learners.”

The IMLS is an independent federal grant-making agency dedicated to creating and sustaining a nation of learners by helping libraries and museums serve their communities. The Institute fosters leadership, innovation, and a lifetime of learning by supporting the nation’s 15,000 museums and 233,000 libraries. The Institute also encourages partnerships to expand the educational benefit of libraries and museums. As IMLS’s largest grant program, Museums for America provides more than $16 million in grants to support the role of museums in American society. The grants build the capacity of museums to sustain our cultural heritage, support lifelong learning, and serve as centers of community engagement.