Pre-Recorded Arturo's Preschool Themes

Arturo's Preschool is a free program for preschool, homeschool, and daycare groups serving children ages 3–6. Take an up-close look at a work of art, read a featured picture book, and try out games and movement activities connected to artworks. Then explore ideas with an art-making activity. Program themes and projects change each month, so there is always something new to do. In the 2020–2021 school year, virtual guided tours will be offered in two formats: pre-recorded videos and live virtual classes. Below are the Arturo's Preschool themes for our pre-recorded video option.

Pre-Recorded Arturo's Preschool Themes

Red Hot (20:09) 
Roses are red, fire trucks too. There's red in the art, what a lovely hue. This week explore the color red in works of art from the DMA's collection.

Apples and Oranges (12:05) 
From bouncing basketballs to pumpkin patches, this week we'll explore energetic orange. Pour yourself a glass of orange juice and settle in for class.

Hello Yellow! (23:12) 
We're going bananas over the color yellow! Join us as we search for this cheerful and bright color from the rainbow.

Let's Go Green (24:59) 
What happens when you mix blue and yellow? You get green! Learn about the environment through all things veggie, leafy, and green. 

Clear Blue Sky (30:31) 
Feeling blue? This class will turn that frown upside down! Join in as we look at art featuring calming blue skies. 

Incredible Indigo (24:29) 
This week, explore the rich colors of a batik and discover the true difference between indigo and blue. On your mark, get set, indiGO!

A Vase of Violets (20:37) 
What do grapes, jelly, and plums have in common? They are all violet! We'll run through fields of flowers this week as we learn more about the last color in the rainbow. 

Chasing the Rainbow (29:04) 
Red, yellow, blue, and green—how many colors have you seen? This week, search the art for all the colors of the rainbow.