Pre-Recorded Arturo's Preschool Themes

Arturo's Preschool is a free program for preschool, homeschool, and daycare groups serving children ages 3–6. Take an up-close look at a work of art, read a featured picture book, and try out games and movement activities connected to artworks. Then explore ideas with an art–making activity. Program themes and projects change each month, so there is always something new to do. In the 2020–2021 school year, virtual guided tours will be offered in two formats: pre-recorded videos and live virtual classes. Below are the Arturo's Preschool themes for our pre-recorded video option.

Pre-Recorded Arturo's Preschool Themes

Beach Day (22:14) 
Dip your toes in the water and in the sand! Explore a stylish seashell that will have you heading for the seashore. 

Into the Outdoors (14:08) 
Cozy up around the campfire and discover what happens when a hungry bear and a park ranger don't see eye to eye about the campground rules. Then make your own nighttime camping scene. 

In the Jungle (15:32) 
et out your binoculars and take a walk on the wild side as we learn about the mighty king of the jungle and some of his fierce friends. 

Bright Lights, Big City (20:26) 
Beep, beep! Embrace the hustle and bustle with us this week as we explore the sights, sounds, and spectacles of city life. Then create your own daytime and nighttime cityscapes. 

On the Moon (16:39) 
Blast off to a class that's out of this world! Search the moon and the stars for art with cosmic connections. 

Out in the Ocean (18:51) 
This week, dive into art to discover whether life really is better under the sea. Take a closer look at a colorful stained-glass window featuring ocean friends! 

Dirt & Mud (23:00) 
Mud puddles aren't just for splashing! In this class, discover how wet clay is mixed and molded into ceramics. 

A Tree for Me (24:22) 
Do you think trees are TREE–mendous? We do too! This week, we'll search high and low in artworks to find out all about what a tree can be.