Chagall: Beyond Color

This fully-illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition Chagall: Beyond Color at the Dallas Museum of Art, February 17–May 26, 2013. In 1936 one of Marc Chagall’s paintings was first exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts during the Centennial Exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, and Graphic Art. And almost fifty years have passed since the Magic Flute was performed in Dallas with its magnificent Chagall designs. Chagall in many aspects has been present in the Dallas Museum of Art’s history and in Dallas public and private collections but his work has never had a proper exhibition.

In this exhibition, Chagall’s interest in volume through his work in theater, ballet, dance, sculpture, and ceramic are explored, and it is a unique chance to see the magical works of art Chagall created throughout his life and to experience the endless variety of media through which he explored his own limits.

By Olivier Meslay (Author)

Softcover, 54 pages