Robert Smithson in Texas

November 24, 2013 to April 27, 2014 | Focus II Gallery

Best known for his large-scale earthworks, Robert Smithson visited the state of Texas multiple times in the years 1966-1973, conceiving works that utilized the Texas land as his medium. Robert Smithson in Texas is the first examination of five projects Smithson proposed throughout the state of Texas. The exhibition presents lesser-known drawings, photographs, and sculpture related to Smithson’s Texas-based projects from a period of his career that was bookended by the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport project from 1966-67 and Smithson’s only realized work in Texas, the 1973 Amarillo Ramp

A major highlight of the exhibition is a new video The Making of Amarillo Ramp by artist Nancy Holt, a frequent collaborator with Smithson, and to whom he was married. The Making of Amarillo Ramp was filmed by Nancy Holt in 1973 on 16 mm color film stock with a Bolex camera. In the mid-1990's she transferred the film to video, editing it into its final form in 2013. This powerful film provides the viewer with never before seen footage of the creation of Amarillo Ramp and provides a unique insight into the artist's vision.  

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