Rethinking the Myth of the American West

June 7, 2020 to September 6, 2020 | Chilton I Gallery
William Jacob Hays, Herd of Buffalo, 1862, oil on canvas, Denver Art Museum: Fred E. Gates FundRobert Henri, Tom Po Qui (Water of Antelope Lake/Indian Girl/Ramoncita), 1914, oil on canvas, William Sr. and Dorothy Harmsen Collection at the Denver Art Museum

Rethinking the Myth of the American West celebrates the grandeur and explores the diversity of the American West while acknowledging a complicated history that has resulted in social, economic, and cultural adaptation for many. The exhibition features almost 80 works by artists who mostly studied in Europe, but returned to the United States determined to distinguish themselves through uniquely American subjects. Organized chronologically, the presentation traces artists’ encounters with indigenous inhabitants, the ambitious optimism communicated in grand landscape paintings, anxieties about modernization, and the Southwest as a source of inspiration for the country’s nascent Modernist movement.

Rethinking the Myth of the American West requires a $16 ticket for adults with discounts for seniors, students, and military. DMA Members and children 11 and under are free.