Concentrations 60: Lucie Stahl

September 16, 2016 to January 22, 2017 | Hoffman Galleries

Lucie Stahl utilizes a flatbed scanner to create large-format images in which food, photographs, magazine clippings, and trash appear to emerge from a dark abyss. The resulting images are encased in resin, giving them a glossy, tactile finish and distinct material presence. Stahl’s work plays with the notion of liquidity in its many forms—from finance to bodily fluids, and the malleability of gender, identity, and images. In all her work, the artist explores the trappings of modern day consumer culture through found objects and imagery, addressing branding, consumption, addiction/dependency, and excess. 

For Concentrations 60: Lucie Stahl, the artist’s first U.S. solo museum show, Stahl will present both old and new work in an immersive installation that will feature a number of her “Prayer Wheels”.  This year marks the 35th anniversary of the DMA’s Concentrations series of project-based solo exhibitions representing emerging and international artists. 

Admission is FREE.  


Late Night Talk: Concentrations 60

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Explore the new exhibition Concentrations 60: Lucie Stahl with the artist and former DMA curator Gabriel Ritter. For her first solo exhibition at a US museum, Stahl has created an immersive installation combining large-format scanned images encased in resin with interactive “Prayer Wheels” built from oil drums and beer cans.