C3 Visiting Artist Project: Spiderweb Salon

September 24, 2019 to December 29, 2019 | Center for Creative Connections

Explore the possibilities of curiosity, identity, and community in collective | connection by Spiderweb Salon, a group of poets, artists, storytellers, actors, and musicians. For their C3 Visiting Artist installation, 50 members of the group wrote and recorded audio experiences inspired by works of art at the DMA. Take part in this nostalgic interactive adventure in which you can call and listen to a group member’s response to a work of art in the Museum’s collection.

Spiderweb Salon is an interdisciplinary collective based in Denton, Texas. Since 2012 they have worked with hundreds of artists to create showcases, events, recordings, publications, workshops, and experiences. Throughout these projects, Spirderweb Salon encourages collaboration, unity, compassion, and curiosity in their audiences.

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