Current Exhibitions

Cartier and Islamic Art: In Search of Modernity

5/14/22 to 9/18/22 | Chilton I and Chilton II Galleries

This major exhibition traces Islamic art’s influence on the objects created by Louis Cartier and the designers of the great French jewelry Maison from the early 20th century to today.


Guadalupe Rosales: Drifting on a Memory

12/10/21 to 11/13/22 | Concourse

Guadalupe Rosales collaborated with lowrider artist Lokey Calderon to create an immersive mural spanning the Museum’s Concourse, with rich colors and finely detailed designs that evoke the iridescent surfaces of the customized cars on a monumental scale.


Octavio Medellín: Spirit and Form

2/6/22 to 1/15/23 | Tower Gallery

Octavio Medellín was an influential Mexican American artist and teacher who helped shape the Texas art scene for six decades. The first-ever museum retrospective for Medellín explores the evolution of his sculptural practice, his public art commissions, and his legacy as a beloved and respected teacher.


Jean-Michel Basquiat: “Sam F”

7/4/21 to 2/12/23 | Level 2

Sam F, an expressionistic portrait by Jean-Michel Basquiat, was created during Basquiat’s visit to Dallas in 1985. Gifted to the DMA by the late Samuel and Helga Feldman, this is the first work by the iconic American painter to join the Museum’s collection. 



12/26/21 to 4/9/23 | Center for Creative Connections

Through diverse works from the DMA’s collection, Rooted shows how people both shape and adapt to a changing environment, traverse the planet, and rely on the land for nourishment and sustenance.


Bamana Mud Cloth:​ From Mali to the World​

11/13/21 to 5/7/23 | Level 3

Mud cloth, or bogolanfini, originated among the Bamana peoples of Mali and its designs can be spotted in products across the world, although the source is not always credited. This exhibition explores the labor-intensive process behind the dye-decorated cloth and its distinctive, culturally significant designs.


The Keir Collection of Islamic Art Gallery

4/18/17 to 12/31/24 | Focus I Gallery

The Keir Collection of Islamic Art Gallery is the largest public presentation in the history of one of the world's most important private collections of Islamic Art.