Current Exhibitions

Sandra Cinto: Landscape of a Lifetime

11/15/19 to 7/5/20 | Concourse

Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto transformed the Concourse hall with a site-specific, 153-foot mural that covers the walls and ceiling in 24 shades of blue, shifting from dark to light to give the impression of the transition from night to day. The walls are decorated with intricate pen drawings of celestial elements such as stars and clouds, evoking the artist’s exploration of life and natural cycles.


Wearable Raffia from Africa

8/31/19 to 7/12/20 | Level 3

Drawn mainly from the Museum’s extensive collection of African art, Wearable Raffia from Africa higlights garments, accessories, and textiles made from the woven fibers of raffia palm leaves from West and Central Africa and the island of Madagascar.


Flores mexicanas. Mujeres en el arte mexicano moderno

2/16/20 to 9/20/20 | Tower Gallery

Flores mexicanas. Mujeres en el arte mexicano moderno examina representaciones de las mujeres en el modernismo mexicano. La exposición se inspira en el préstamo de la pintura monumental de Alfredo Ramos Martínez Flores mexicanas, expuesta solo por segunda vez en casi un siglo.


Flores Mexicanas: Women in Modern Mexican Art

2/16/20 to 9/20/20 | Tower Gallery

Flores Mexicanas: Women in Modern Mexican Art surveys representations of women in Mexican modernism. The exhibition is inspired by the loan of the monumental painting Flores Mexicanas by Alfredo Ramos Martínez, on view for only the second time in nearly a century.


Frans Hals: Detecting a Decade

2/23/20 to 10/11/20 | Focus II Gallery

Two imposing portraits of the same sitter painted a decade apart—being shown side-by-side for the first time—showcase the revolutionary technique of Frans Hals, the first great portraitist of 17th-century Holland.



2/1/20 to 1/3/21 | Center for Creative Connections

Developed with input from the local community, this installation of works in the Center for Creative Connections traces the migration of people, objects, and ideas in art across times and cultures.


For a Dreamer of Houses

3/15/20 to 1/31/21 | Barrel Vault

Inspired by philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s concept of the psychological importance of homes, For a Dreamer of Houses explores the significance of the spaces we inhabit and how they represent ourselves, our values, and our desires.


Not Visible to the Naked Eye: Inside a Senufo Helmet Mask

11/23/19 to 3/21/21 | Conservation Gallery

The DMA’s Conservation and Arts of Africa departments, in an exciting and cutting-edge collaboration with UT Southwestern Medical Center, will present CT scans of a Senufo helmet mask from the Museum’s African art collection. The scans reveal unexpected materials beneath the surface and objects contained in the attached animal horns that empower the mask.


The Keir Collection of Islamic Art Gallery

4/18/17 to 12/31/22 | Focus I Gallery

The Keir Collection of Islamic Art Gallery is the largest public presentation in the history of one of the world's most important private collections of Islamic Art.