Through the Eyes of Our Children - Something Beautiful

Begin Date2007-04-25
End Date2007-06-10
Last Harvested At2022-07-02
Credit LineOrganized by Preservation LINK, Inc. Exhibition support was provided by the Foundation for Community Empowerment.
LocationMezzanine 2
OrganizerDallas Museum of Art
DescriptionThrough the Eyes of Our Children presents photographs made by students from the Dallas Independent School District's Area 2. Inspired to follow personal journeys of discovery through their photographs, these students convey their perceptions and ideas about the neighborhoods - and even the broader community - in which they live. Students from Charles Rice Learning Center, Joseph J. Rhoads Learning Center, H. S. Thompson Learning Center, Pearl C. Anderson Middle Learning Center, and Lincoln High School participated in a Preservation LINK arts-in-education program called POINT OF VIEW. This three-tier exploratory course is designed to use literacy, art, and technology education to empower young people as they explore and express thoughts and feelings about themselves, their community, and their world. Instructed by photographer David Herman, Jr., over seventy students, ranging in age from nine to seventeen, engaged in a twelve-week curriculum focused on the fundamentals of camera operation, photo composition, editing, and more. Engaged in listening, feeling, viewing, and capturing images, students worked hard to tackle the theme, "Something Beautiful." While some images were shot with digital cameras, others are photographic prints taken with 35mm cameras using black-and-white film. In addition, each student was given a disposable 35mm camera in order to explore and illustrate their neighborhood's character, assets, and people. Along with the images, students shared written thoughts about their life experiences, family, community, and what they believe to be "something beautiful." POINT OF VIEW-2007 is sponsored by the Foundation for Community Empowerment (FCE) and South Dallas/Fair Park Development Funds Grant. Additional partners include Dallas Independent School District-Area 2, and MIRACLES, a program of the Todd Wagner Foundation.