Face to Face: International Art at the DMA

Begin Date2012-02-12
End Date2012-06-10
CuratorsDr. Anne R. Bromberg
Last Harvested At2022-10-29
Credit LineThe exhibition was organized by the Dallas Museum of Art. Air transportation provided by American Airlines.
LocationFocus Gallery I
OrganizerDallas Museum of Art
DescriptionFace to Face: International Art at the DMA is a tribute to key donors who have shaped the Museum's collection over fifty years and helped establish the DMA as an international art destination. The transformative nature of their donations and bequests can readily be seen throughout the new "Dallas Museum of Art: A Guide to the Collection" available in early February 2012. The DMA has not only amassed very important examples of western art from antiquity to the present and a major collection of modern and contemporary art, but also splendid examples of art from all around the world. Additional collections in the Museum that have been impacted by these enlightened donors include the Arts of Africa and Asia as well as Pre-Columbian and Oceanic arts and decorative arts and designs. Face to Face will present works in pairs that suggest similarities between the groupings from different cultures and traditions, including John Singleton Copley's portraits of Woodbury and Sarah Sherburne Langdon displayed with the ancestor figures from the Nagé people of Indonesia, highlighting the wide scope of donations made to the Museum throughout the years. Seminal works featured in the exhibition are profiled in greater depth through fifty new additions to the Museum's smARTphone tour available at DMA.mobi.