Concentrations 44: Matthew Buckingham, A Man of the Crowd

Begin Date2004-03-18
End Date2004-06-20
CuratorsSuzanne Weaver
Last Harvested At2022-10-29
Credit LineThis exhibition was organized by the Dallas Museum of Art. Air transportation was provided by American Airlines.
LocationMuseum of Contemporary Art
OrganizerDallas Museum of Art
DescriptionThe latest exhibition in the Concentrations series featuring emerging artists is a 16-mm film installation by Matthew Buckingham. Based on a short story by Edgar Allen Poe, 'A Man of the Crowd' is a simple, elegant, yet mesmerizing installation that combines art, sculpture, and architecture in an innovative format. A freestanding two-way mirror in the center of the gallery references both the cafe and the urban street visible in the film and allows for two symmetrical projections, one on the wall opposite the projector and one in front of it. The mirror also reflects the viewer's own image while it frames other spectators moving in the space. Engaging on many levels, 'A Man of the Crowd' is about the search for knowledge, the unknowable, and existential loss.