Center for Creative Connections Community Parner Response Installation: "Accumulation Project" by Annette Lawrence

Begin Date2011-11-01
End Date2012-04-30
Last Harvested At2022-10-29
OrganizerDallas Museum of Art
Description"The length of a line can be used as a measure of time. Ten thousand feet is the length of a feature film at 1 hour and 30 minutes. A line that spans the distance of ten New York City blocks would be approximately one mile long. It takes about twenty minutes to walk one mile. That’s one mile, ten blocks, and twenty minutes." The "Accumulation Project" has developed over the course of eleven months. There have been five workshops totaling twenty-seven hours in which Museum visitors have contributed to making this line out of paper. The process involved making narrow strips of paper and assembling them into a single line. Hundreds of families, both adults and children, have added pieces to the line. Many noted that they enjoyed the experience of spending time making something together. The line is 2,490 feet long.
NotesExact opening and closing dates for this exhibition are not known.