Afterlife: The Story of Matisse's "Ivy in Flower"

Begin Date2011-06-12
End Date2011-12-11
CuratorsHeather MacDonald
Last Harvested At2022-03-05
Credit LineThe exhibition was organized by the Dallas Museum of Art. Air transportation provided by American Airlines.
OrganizerDallas Museum of Art
Description"Ivy in Flower," one of Henri Matisse's final and most magisterial works of art, fired the artist's imagination from its conception in the fall of 1952. "I almost have to tie myself hand and foot to prevent myself from starting work at once," he wrote to his son Pierre. By early 1954, though, his feelings about the commission for a stained-glass window to decorate the mausoleum of American businessman Albert Lasker had undergone a dramatic change: "It is a miserable business that I should be treated like this at my age, and with all my past work to speak for me." What was the origin of this singular project? And how did it bring the artist to such an impasse? This exhibition tells the story of how, after the apparent failure of the "Ivy in Flower" project, the work - a cutout, or collage of painted paper - became what neither Matisse nor his patron anticipated, one of the most beloved masterpieces in the collection of the Dallas Museum of Art.