Exhibition History

Format: 2022
Format: 2022
Start Date End Date
Art of the American Indians of the Southwest 2/16/28 2/26/28
Second Intimate Exhibit, Gari Melchers, Dallas Art Association (DAA) 1/13/28 1/23/28
Exhibition Of Painting and Sculpture by Leading Living American Artists 2/5/27 2/25/27
Paintings By The Brothers De Zubiaurre (Ramon & Valentin) at Melrose Court 11/8/26 11/14/26
Fifth Annual Exhibition of The Dallas Art Association at Stoneleigh Court 11/16/25 12/1/25
Paintings by American Artists from the Macbeth Gallery, New York, Held in the Halaby Galleries, Majestic Theatre Building 12/1/23 12/31/23
Fourth Annual Exhibition of The Dallas Art Association 11/14/23 11/28/23
Third Annual Exhibition: American Art From The Days Of The Colonists To Now 11/16/22 11/30/22
Second Annual American and European Art Exhibition at the Adolphus Hotel in the Junior Ballroom 4/7/21 4/21/21
First Annual Exhibition: Contemporary International Art 11/18/19 11/27/19
Exhibition of watercolors (by Childe Hassam, Newell, etc.) 4/1/15 4/30/15
Children's exhibition 4/15/14 4/30/14
Jonas Lie exhibition 4/8/14 4/30/14
Exhibition of portraits and landscapes by Walter Russell of New York 1/1/13 12/31/13
Exhibition of paintings by Mr. Barse, a member of the Royal Society, and works by Dallas artists and a Collection by Mr. Hensen of NY 1/1/10 12/31/10
First Annual Exhibition Of The Work of the Dallas Painters 4/1/09 4/30/09
Exhibition of works by Mr. Bock, a muralist from Chicago who recently moved to Dallas 2/1/08 2/29/08
Faulkner Exhibition 1/1/06 12/31/06
Second Annual Exhibition of The Dallas Art Association 1/1/05 1/31/05
First Annual Exhibition of The Dallas Art Association 10/29/04 10/31/04